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Blog posts by Jessica Roth, Certified crystal healer and ThetaHealer practitioner. Located in Solana Beach and Encinitas, near San Diego.

Crystals for Peaceful Sleep

Jessica Roth

Crystals for peaceful sleep

Do you struggle with sleep issues?

It’s not uncommon for us to deal with insomnia, falling asleep, or have trouble sleeping through the night. Most of us have a lot on our minds, and when the rest of the world is quiet, it seems like that’s when our thoughts are the loudest. There is something about the quiet of the night that amplifies thoughts, fears, and anxieties. I get it… I’m one of those that can get caught up in it! This is also the time of day when those who are creative often seem to have ideas and productivity activated (I know, because I’m also one of them!). All these things can make sleep difficult…

So how can we get settle for the night and let go of any stress, tensions, overactive minds and thoughts?

If you aren’t familiar with Crystal Healing, this is when crystals are used to reset and rebalance your mind-body-soul (and overall energy system). The energy of a crystal vibrates at a stable frequency/vibration (dominant oscillary rate), whereas our bodies have many different frequencies and our energy is constantly fluctuating. It is very easy for our body/energy to subconsciously match the frequencies of things in our environment, whether people, emotions, nature, etc.

When we bring a stable energy into our energy aura, our energy begins to shift and match the new frequency – this can be positive or negative, depending on if it is a higher vibration frequency or lower vibration frequency. As you might guess, lower vibration frequencies aren’t going to make you feel very good. This can be caused by things like negative thoughts or emotions, radiation emitted from electronics, stress caused by internal or external influences, and many other things.

Crystals for insomnia.jpg

Crystals have a higher vibrational frequency, which helps bring us back into balance! And each individual crystal will be a little different, which is why certain crystals are used for certain things. It’s because each type of crystal will vibrate at a frequency that brings a certain part of your mind-body-soul back into its most ideal and aligned vibrational frequency.  

With all that said, which crystals might you use for enhancing peaceful sleep? Here are some crystals that work really well for prepping your mind-body-spirit for sleep…


Blue Lace Agate: This crystal is very calming and helps balance emotional energy. It can help with tempering anger and frustration, bringing you back to feeling centered. If you are feeling frazzled, this would be a good crystal to work with for calming your nervous system. Also connects well with the Throat Chakra. 

Celestite: I love keeping a large Celestite geode on my nightstand. This crystal connects you with the higher (angelic) realms. It is a gentle, calming and uplifting energy, while it also helping you to feel safe and protected. It can assist with overcoming fears (make the intention to release peacefully while sleeping). It’s also great for purifying and cleansing energy (auras and spaces) while you sleep. This is a great crystal for meditating, or keeping on your nightstand next to your bed to help with sleep. Connects well with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Rose Quartz: This is a popular Crystal for self-love, unconditional love, and compassion. It assists with heart healing, emotional healing, and anxiety. Overall, it has a very nurturing energy and is considered to be a more feminine support energy. Some people like it for sleeping with it under their pillow, or holding on their chest to help reduce stress and anxiety. Connects best with the Heart Chakra.

Amazonite: This crystal is soothing, calming and great for instilling peace. It balances the flow of our feminine-masculine energies, which can often be out of balance by the end of the day. It is reminiscent of water, with tranquil and relaxing energy. This crystal helps with reducing anxiety, stress and conflict. It connects well with the Heart and Throat Chakras, which means it can be great for dissolving tension in the neck, jaw and shoulders while sleeping. I love having Amazonite under my pillow since I hold most of my stress in my neck/jaw/shoulders.

Magnetite / Lodestone: This crystal contains iron, which means that it is wonderful for grounding and connecting with Mother Earth energies. Oftentimes by the end of the day, we are so disconnected from the Earth and feeling grounded (living in our heads), that this would be a great crystal to bring you back into feeling centered in your body. It also has a slight magnetic charge, which helps bring energies and polarities back into alignment. It helps remove blocks within the body’s meridans, so that energy can begin flowing again. It is also used for relaxing the body and muscles, which may also be a wonderful benefit for sleeping more peacefully. Connects best with the Root Chakra, but also helps balance all the Chakras.

Now that you have an idea of which crystals to use, play around with these recommendations and see which you feel the most drawn to… Start there! And then try these for incorporating crystals into your sleep routine (find a ritual that works for you):

  • Meditate and hold the crystal for 10-20 minutes before bed

  • Keep the crystal next to you on your nightstand (so that it’s inside your energy aura while you sleep)

  • If the crystal fits under your pillow, you can sleep with it in your pillowcase (potential option if your mind is overactive)

  • You can hold it in your hand(s) as you fall asleep

  • You can hold it on your chest/heart chakra as you fall asleep (potential option when feeling anxious)

Also keep in mind that each person is unique and will connect with crystals a little differently, so use your intuition as well when selecting crystals for yourself and how you work with them. And I always recommend just starting with one crystal at a time, to see how your mind-body-spirit responds to it. That way when you feel the shift in your energy, you’ll know which crystal works well for you! Let me know which crystal brought you peaceful sleep!

How to use Crystals

Jessica Roth

As a Certified Crystal Healer, the number one question people ask me (other than "What crystals are right for me?") is "How do I use Crystals" or "What do I do with Crystals". This video is a basic overview of how you can start to use crystals if you are feeling lost about where to start.

What was one thing you learned that you are excited to try out?

Once you've watched this video and want to get even more in-depth about the details of how crystals can help you (the energetics), take a look at this other blog post: How do crystals help you?

If you’d like to take your crystal knowledge even further, check out my Upcoming Events to see what crystal classes I’m teaching in your area!

Crystal Infused Cold Brew Coffee

Jessica Roth

cold brew coffee.jpg

Summer's here!

Want to learn how to create your own crystal energy infused cold-brew coffee?!

Why crystal energy infused coffee? I've talked before about how the vibrational frequency of crystals can change the quality and structure of water molecules - if you aren't familiar with this, you can learn more here. Essentially, water molecules can be manipulated very easily (water memory), and I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to be drinking high vibrational water since our bodies are approximately 60% water content! This is why a majority of the water I drink is water that has been improved with crystal energy. You can see in the image below, the difference between regular tap water, and then after the tap water has been infused with crystal energy for 10 minutes. HUGE difference! And since coffee (and tea) are water-based beverages, that means you can have the same benefits from crystal energy infused coffee!

Vitajuwel water crystals.jpg

Okay! Now that I've informed you of the reasons why you'd benefit from this fancy crystal energy infused cold-brew coffee, let's get started!

I've become quite the coffee fan after finding Grounds & Hounds coffee - not only is this the best coffee I've ever tasted (fair-trade and organic), but they also donate 20% towards rescuing dogs in your area. So as someone who has a rescued dog (plus, I'm picky about coffee), this brand was a no-brainer for me! They had recently emailed me a guide for how to make your own Cold-Brew Coffee, so I decided to try it out, AND take it to the next level with crystal energy! The whole process is actually super easy, and Summer is the perfect time to cool down with a delicious iced coffee.

crystal infused coffee

As mentioned above, I started with the Grounds & Hounds 12-hour Cold Brew recipe... I modified it a little to make a smaller batch (I cut the recipe measurements in half), and I don't have any fancy equipment, so I just used a large jar for the cold brew process. I set it up the night before so that the coffee could steep while I sleep (ha!). This is when I infused it with crystal energy! Since it was going to be sitting on the counter all night, I set up a crystal grid around the jar (basically, a circle of crystals around the base of the jar). This allows the water to entrain to the crystal energy while the coffee is "cold-brewing"! **

The next morning, the crystal energy infused cold brew coffee was ready to be strained into a pitcher and stored in the refrigerator! I like to pour it over ice and add a little coconut-almond creamer - SO GOOD!! Plus, thanks to the crystals, you'll have a high vibe morning!

** Side note: If you boil/cook water after infusing with crystal energy, it will change the water molecule structure again and the crystal-infused properties will no longer be present... So if you were to do this process with hot coffee/tea, the crystal infusing part would be done AFTER the boiling of the water.

cold brew.jpg

Here are some suggestions for which crystals to use for infusing your cold brew coffee:

Energizing: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Carnelian

Focus: Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Calcite

Grounding: Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Shungite

Inspiration: Lapis Lazuli, Rutilated Quartz, Labradorite

Or, use your creativity and intuition and see which crystals you feel drawn to use!

I'd love to hear how it went with your crystal infused cold brew coffee! Comment below with which crystals you decided to use!