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Blog posts by Jessica Roth, Certified crystal healer and ThetaHealer practitioner. Located in Solana Beach and Encinitas, near San Diego.

Modern Valentine's Day Outfit

Jessica Roth

Valentines Day Outfit

I'm not big on "red hearts and flowers" on Valentine's Day (but I will happily accept chocolate). So how do you create a Valentine's Day outfit that is still festive, without being over the top and cliche? I put together an outfit, kept the red minimal, included a large heart, and put the focus on polka dots:

Your favorite black skinnies paired with some bright red suede flats. I really love this cream colored heart sweater with polka dots; It looks so comfy! To match the polka dots in the sweater, I've included the Jess Kay Designs Polka Ring and Polka Dot Stud Earrings. Finish off the outfit with a black floppy hat and your go-to oversized black handbag. Curated product image via. Polyvore

If you are fairly laid back and casual like me, then this outfit can be worn for going just about anywhere on Valentine's day. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, and spend it doing whatever it is that makes YOU happy!


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