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Blog posts by Jessica Roth, Certified crystal healer and ThetaHealer practitioner. Located in Solana Beach and Encinitas, near San Diego.

Spring Weekend in Los Angeles - Style Outfit

Jessica Roth

jess kay designs LA weekend.jpg

I made a trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago and meant to post this outfit beforehand. But, time got away from me and I'm just now posting it. I can tell you right now that my weather forecast was a little off... The first day was 85*!!! And it was the first weekend of March!!! More like bathing suit weather - Ha! It's still a cute outfit, though, and might suit your spring weather a little better. Specifics below:

Casual white capri pants paired with some dark orange flat sandals, great for walking around and sight-seeing. This dark navy top with a gold elephant is so gorgeous! An oversized beach bag and aviator sunglasses to accompany you to the beach. To dress it up in the evenings, while going to dinner in Santa Monica, add some jewelry, like my Perforated Geometric Earrings and my new Lace Hexagon Charm Necklace. Curated product image via. Polyvore

I really love how fresh and comfortable this outfit feels! And the oversized bag is perfect for toting everything around to the beach, shopping, etc., which is exactly what I did that weekend!


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