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Blog posts by Jessica Roth, Certified crystal healer and ThetaHealer practitioner. Located in Solana Beach and Encinitas, near San Diego.

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How do crystals help you?

Jessica Roth

What is crystal healing?
I’m going to start sharing more information with you on individual crystals, but before I do that, I wanted to give you a brief understanding of crystal healing, energy and how it works with our physical and energetic bodies. That way, when I tell you about how a crystal might be able to help, you’ll have a better understanding of why!

Rose quartz crystal grid

Crystals!! They are pretty, colorful and sparkly! What’s not to love? So here’s the cool thing about them – they hold higher energetic vibrations than we do. Our body is energy, just like crystals are energy. And we feel the best (and heal faster) when we are in a higher vibration. The difference is that crystal energy is stable and constant (crystalline structure!), whereas our bodies/energy/cells are always changing and easily affected by our surroundings. Ever notice when you say “ugh, that person has bad energy” or when someone else is upset and it can change your mood? That’s energy, and it’s just influenced our own energy. And when our surroundings (people, environments, etc) are affecting our energy in a not-so-great way, especially on a regular basis, our bodies and cells start to change to that energetic frequency and bring our own energetic vibration down.
For example, I used to work in a casino (I know, might be hard to believe)… I was trying to save money for college and for an 18-year old, it actually paid well to be a black jack dealer. But here’s the thing – working in a casino is really depressing. It’s fairly dark in there, no windows or daylight, people are allowed to smoke, people are losing money and not happy about it… Not a great environment to be in for 9+ hours a day. So after six months of working there, I started to really dread going into work. I did not enjoy being there. I even started feeling ill before my shift, because the energy of being there and the energy of the people I was interacting with, was negatively affecting me – emotionally, mentally and physically. I stuck it out for another six months, but eventually I had to leave… I was too sensitive to the crummy energy there. I think a lot of people can relate to this, and working jobs they don’t enjoy. Notice how it starts to affect your mindset, your thoughts, and whether you approach your day feeling positive or negative?

crystal healing

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”? – Jim Rohn
That’s because our energy will entrain to the energy that we spend the most time with! The more positive and happy we are, the higher our energetic vibration is, and it will ripple out to the people around us! Laughing is contagious, right?! The more we enjoy life, our environment, and the people in our life, the more our vibration will rise. But if our vibration is lower, we tend to be more pessimistic, stressed, depressed, and not feel that great, and then our bodies start to react accordingly. Have you noticed that when you are stressed, you start to feel the physical repercussions, with aches, pains, fatigue, etc? And the longer this goes on, the more likely it is to turn into something else…
This is where crystal healing and energy healing really shine. We store a lot of emotions, traumas, stress, etc in our body. The combination of crystals and energy healing help our bodies release emotions, traumas, stresses, etc, so that we can begin to raise our vibration and feel better. The frequency of each crystal is a match for specific frequencies in your body, which is why specific crystals work best for certain areas of the body and/or emotions. That’s how crystals help with healing, by raising the vibration of your body so that it can heal at the optimal frequency, at an accelerated rate. During a crystal healing session, you can often FEEL the actual vibration shifts in your body, as the crystals raise your vibration for healing/releasing. Wearing crystals (jewelry), or keeping crystals in your pockets are also great ways of benefiting from crystals, in a more subtle way, which is why I often give recommendations after a crystal healing session, so that clients can extend the benefits of the session.
I’m getting a bit lengthy here, as this isn’t exactly a topic that can be covered in just a few sentences, but I look forward to sharing more about crystal healing, energy, our bodies & the Chakra energy system, crystals, and how they can benefit you.
Want to learn more about how crystal energy works? Check out my Intro to Crystal Healing online course!

Please keep in mind that each person is unique and will connect with crystals a little differently, so use your intuition when selecting crystals for yourself and how you work with them. These recommendations are not a substitute for medical treatments/advice, and it is recommended you consult a health professional for any medical concerns.