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Blog posts by Jessica Roth, Certified crystal healer and ThetaHealer practitioner. Located in Solana Beach and Encinitas, near San Diego.

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Protection Crystal Grid For Your Home

Jessica Roth

crystals for home protection.jpg

Keeping your home high vibe: How to use crystals to dispel negative energy around your house and property!

I’ve had quite a few requests for learning how to dispel low vibe energy around your home and property… So I’m going to share what my neighbor and I did last year when we wanted to set the intention for only loving and peaceful energy around us (we have individual houses on the same property).

Quick back story: Part of what prompted us to set this intention and create the crystal grid was after the landlord replaced a gardener that wasn’t working out for multiple reasons… one of those main reasons was that he wasn’t respecting boundaries and was coming onto the property outside of his scheduled hours (even after he was replaced) despite various forms of communication and signage.

So we decided to try out a Black Tourmaline protection crystal grid all the way around the property… and guess what… it worked!! Here’s what we experienced after we did the crystal grid ritual: 

-       The prior gardener stopped coming onto the property

-       The overall energy felt more peaceful

-       The plants, trees and fruit began to flourish! Within 3-6 months a lot of the plants doubled and tripled in size… this is probably for two reasons: 1. The prior gardener had low vibe energy and since he was no longer around, it was no longer affecting the plants, and 2. Black Tourmaline dispels electromagnetic frequencies that can disrupt plant growth, so now the plant energy was more harmonious and able to thrive.

Since this was so successful for us, I wanted to share how we created the Black Tourmaline crystal grid around the property!

How we created the property crystal grid: 

  • Purchased 2 lbs of tumbled Black Tourmaline (pieces were a little smaller than a walnut). Why Black Tourmaline? This is my favorite crystal for dispelling negative energy and harmful electromagnetic frequencies. However, you may decide to use a different crystal based on your intention for the crystal grid.

  • We decided on our crystal grid intention (“Only peaceful and loving energy on the property”). The intention you select is important, as you’ll be repeating it for each stone placed in the grid around the property.

  • Creating the crystal grid: We then started at the center point at the front of the property, placing a black tourmaline and stating our intention. Then my neighbor went counterclockwise to circle around one side of the property, placing a black tourmaline every 3 feet, while stating our intention with each stone placed. I did the same, but moving clockwise from that center point, placing a black tourmaline every 3 feet and repeating our intention every time I placed a stone. We moved around the perimeter of the property in opposite directions, meeting at the back center point of the property, having placed stones all the way around the property. Most of the stones were place along the fences, since three sides of the property are fenced.

  • Note: This Crystal Grid Ritual can easily be done with one person; you just start at one point and move all the way around the property until you come back to your starting point. And if you don’t want to do the crystal grid all the way around the property, you can choose to do it just around the perimeter of your house/building.

  • Optional: After we completed the crystal grid, my neighbor had a crystal sound bowl that she walked around the property with, using the high vibration sound to clear the energy around the property.

And that’s it! It was a very simple process, but very intentional, and has created wonderful results for us.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a crystal grid around your home, and I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Let me know in the comments – Which crystals did you use for your home crystal grid?

Want to learn more about how crystal energy works? Check out my Intro to Crystal Healing online course!

Please keep in mind that each person is unique and will connect with crystals a little differently, so use your intuition when selecting crystals for yourself and how you work with them. These recommendations are not a substitute for medical treatments/advice, and it is recommended you consult a health professional for any medical concerns.

Crystals for Stress and Anxiety

Jessica Roth

Crystals for anxiety.jpg

Every day most of us deal with stressful current events, society, work environments, home life, and the overall fast-pace of life. All of these can contribute to feeling stressed and anxious in your daily life – and this seems more common than ever. Does this feel like you? You’re not alone – I dealt with ongoing stress and anxiety for over ten years and it was when I started working with crystals that things began to shift and I was feeling more balanced and grounded each day.

So how can a crystal help with stress and anxiety? 

There is a lot more to a crystal than it just being a pretty paperweight on your desk! The short explanation is that crystals have a very stable energetic vibration (also known as a dominant oscillatory rate) due to their perfect crystalline structures. Therefore, a crystal’s vibration is consistent and doesn’t change. Whereas a person’s energetic vibration is always fluctuating based on many factors, including how you interact with surrounding environments, situations, emotions, other people, etc. 

Therefore, what you deal with on a daily basis can feel like a rollercoaster, creating stress and anxiety, resulting in an overall “low vibe” feeling.

Here’s where crystals really shine. When you bring a crystal into your personal energy field, it acts like an anchor, and any “low vibe” energy will start to shift and entrain to the more uplifting and stable energetic vibration of that crystal. This is how crystals can assist with things like releasing stress and anxiety!

Below are my top five favorite crystals to help you shift out of the feelings of stress and anxiety, and move into a more relaxed state.

Protect with Black Tourmaline: This crystal is one of the first that I recommend, because it is wonderful at transmuting negative energy, neutralizing anxiety, and protecting you against electromagnetic frequencies (from cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.). It is also very common for you to not feel fully present in your body when dealing with stress and anxiety (meaning, you might only be in your head from thinking, worrying, etc.), and therefore your energy might feel stuck or scattered. Black Tourmaline will help release negative thought patterns and bring you back into your body, so that you can feel centered and grounded.

Relax with Lepidolite: This crystal excels with emotional healing, anxiety, grief, worry and stress relief. It’s best for calming when life feels challenging, when you’re feeling frazzled and anxious. It can also assist with the higher chakras and connecting. It is a high vibration crystal and activates spiritual energy, self-love, and inner connection.

Flow with Amazonite: One of my favorite crystals for calming, soothing and instilling a feeling of peacefulness. It is reminiscent of water, bringing in calming energies that promote “going with the flow”. This is also one of the best crystals for heart-centered communication, perfect for reducing conflict and stress. Overall, it promotes a very tranquil and relaxing energy. 

Love with Rose Quartz: Often known as the Love crystal, this crystal infuses you with the energy of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is perfect for easing fears, anxiety and tension, while also helping you shift into feeling supported, safe and loved. This crystal has a very nurturing and feminine energy, and is a favorite for many.

Release with Rutilated Quartz: This crystal has a very high vibration, which helps cleanse your energy field and raise your vibration by bringing in the energies of lightness and joy. It also encourages “letting go” and assists you with releasing overwhelm brought on by everyday life responsibilities. Rutilated Quartz is also great for decluttering your mind and shifting you into a positive mindset, so that you are more focused on experiencing positive outcomes.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: How do I use these crystals to feel calm, balanced and centered?  

The first step is having the crystals within your personal energy field (also called your aura, which is approximately 3 feet around your body). This allows your energy to be influenced by the energetic vibration of the crystal. You can make the intention to have the shifts be instant, while focusing on the intent of connecting with the crystal’s properties.  

The easiest ways to work with crystals are to hold them in your hands, wear them as jewelry, or keep them in your pockets. If you want to take it even further, you can meditate with crystals, place them next to you while you sleep, or use them in a crystal healing session. I also love pairing crystals with other modalities to help boost the calming effects… anything from a relaxing bath, meditation, massage, essential oils, healing music, energy work, etc.

It’s possible to feel a difference within minutes of having a crystal in your aura, and the more consistently you work with crystals, the faster you will feel things shift. Consistency is key, and you’ll be feeling calmer in no time!

Let me know in the comments – Which crystal helped you with stress or anxiety?

Want to learn more about how crystal energy works? Check out my Intro to Crystal Healing online course!

Please keep in mind that each person is unique and will connect with crystals a little differently, so use your intuition when selecting crystals for yourself and how you work with them. These recommendations are not a substitute for medical treatments/advice, and it is recommended you consult a health professional for any medical concerns.