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Business Energy Healing VIP

A new way to prosper in your business - the Business Energy Healing VIP package- Jess will clear and shift the energy around you and your business, so that you are manifesting more flow, ease, clients, opportunities and prosperity.

business energy healer

Do you have a Business that could benefit from consistent energy clearings, so that you are manifesting more of what you want?... 

I've created a new way for your business to thrive - working with the energy of your business, so that your business is more aligned, and you are manifesting more flow, ease, clients, opportunities and prosperity.

IT ALL STARTED WHEN... (a little background story)

Over the years, I've come to realize that I have a really special gift, of being able to look at how something is, and re-design it so that it's more clear, concise, functional, AND beautifully designed. I mean, I even won a National Product Design competition (2009 winner), for redesigning a product to include new features, while utilizing the best manufacturing methods, and still being visually appealing... That should have been a hint, right? And when I was in Architecture school, I probably spent more time in design studio helping other students with their projects, than I spent on my own. My fellow students would call me over to re-evaluate their projects, where they felt stuck, and I would help them see the parts that weren't working, and how to create a new version that took the best of what they had, and shift the parts that weren't working. Little did I know, that I was accessing intuitive information that they weren't able to access.

Later, when I was working as an Interior Designer and Retail Brand Designer for many years, I was a highly sought after team member, due to my detailed and intuitive nature, as I was able to see things and access information that others wouldn't get. This led me to being recruited as a store designer for Nike, Inc.... I mean, come on... I should have seen it at this point. But I was still kinda oblivious that the gifts I had were really special and unique. To be fair, I think that happens to most of us, that we can't always see our own strengths/gifts. But my friends obviously did, because they were always coming to me for advice, help with their business, guidance, re-designing, etc... And it would always lead to them feeling really good about the new shifts that were happening for them.

FINALLY, I started to see the trend of what I'm really good at, which is helping others with their business. Not only from an energetic standpoint, but also showing them where their strengths are, the little things that they can revamp, and looking at the big picture, as well as the details (gotta use my Bachelor degree in some way!). I help you shift into your true essence (yes, we do a little personal energy work for you as well), and once we have that true essence and business clarity aligned, then I work on the energetic portion...

It all works hand-in-hand... If you or your business is out of alignment, the energy can't flow properly, and it will feel stuck.

How can I help you?

When you commit to a Business Energy Healing package, we start with looking at the overall picture, including your energy, mindset, patterns, the business, etc. From there, I can evaluate, make suggestions, and start helping you align and shift things, for your highest good. It takes a willingness, to be open to seeing things differently, and be open to suggestions, based on the intuitive information I am receiving for you and your business. The energy work is done in the sessions, as well as in-between sessions, to keep things clear and flowing. I also utilize my specially developed manifesting energy structure for your business... This is how we are able to start bringing in the new energy, and the things you want to bring into your business.

Energy healing for your business

What's included (8 weeks): $697

  • Introduction Consultation & Energy Session (1.5 - 2 hours): We discuss your energy, your current business and what you would like things to look like. Then we do an energy healing session on your energy and your business. All sessions can be done either in-person (near San Diego), or through Zoom video conference (distance/remote) - Energy healing works regardless!
  • (Two) Hour-long sessions (typically week 4 & 7): We use these sessions to clear out any bigger things that have come up to be cleared. Energy works in layers, so as we clear smaller things throughout the weeks, bigger things will come to the surface. Often, these will show up as deep/core beliefs that aren't aligned with your true essence.
  • (Five) 30-minute calls/sessions (typically weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8): These are the weeks where we do a check-in, see how things are flowing, and if anything needs to be shifted/added/subtracted, and clear any little things that are energetically popping up for you or your business. These shorter sessions will be a phone call, Zoom video conference, or meeting briefly (if local).
  • I will be utilizing my unique business manifesting structure, personalized for your business, for the duration of the two months. I will update as needed, after our weekly check-in/session. The time I spend on this is usually in addition to the time that we spend together in your sessions.
  • I will continue to clear/boost the energy in-between sessions as needed, for you and your business during the eight weeks.
  • Email/message support for the duration of the eight weeks

* All sessions/packages are non-refundable due to the nature of the work, and the commitment of the client to participate fully in creating change in their life and business. I will personally contact you with the next steps, after payment.

If you have any questions, or want to connect with me to determine if this is a good fit, please fill out the contact form