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Crystal Healer Business Mentorship

A new way to build your Crystal Healing business: Jessica Roth will help you clear and shift the energy around you and your business, so that you are manifesting more flow, ease, clients, opportunities and prosperity. She also helps guide you through building a crystal healing / lightworker type business.



The heart-centered way to build your Crystal Healing business! When building a business that focuses on helping others, it's not uncommon to experience beliefs, thoughts and fears that can hold you back (fears of being judged, the "struggling healer" money mindset, etc). I help you uncover and shift those energetic blocks at the beginning of the process, while simultaneously assisting you with setting up a successful heart-centered business to help others! Therefore, I'm helping you create and build your Crystal Healing business from a place of full alignment, so you are manifesting more flow, ease, clients, opportunities and prosperity.

business energy healer

How do I help you?

When you commit to a Business Mentorship, we start with looking at the overall picture, including your energy, mindset, patterns, the business you want to create, etc. From there, I evaluate exactly where you're at right now and then start helping you align and shift into creating a heart-based business for helping others. You'll often have self-development "homework" in addition to creating your new business. This is because being aligned with your higher-self, zone of genius and soul purpose are essential to a thriving and successful business. We also do a business breakout session, and based on the intuitive information I am receiving for you and your business, I help you start shaping and structuring how you want to create an aligned and prosperous business to help others with their healing journey. We may work on branding, strategy, logistics, offerings, etc... Throughout the process, energy work is consistently being done for you/your business (both in the sessions, as well as in-between sessions), to keep momentum flowing. I also utilize my specially developed manifesting energy structure for your business, to jumpstart and activate what you want to create for you and your business. This process can be as quick as a few weeks, if you want to see your business take off quickly, or it can happen over the duration of two months, with the sessions happening every two weeks.

What's included: $897

  • Introduction Consultation & Energy Session (1.5-2 hours): We discuss your soul purpose, your new business, any limiting beliefs, mindset, concerns, etc. Then we do an energy healing session to clear your energy and connect you with your higher-self /soul purpose. Sessions can be done either in-person (near San Diego), or through Zoom video conference (distance/remote) - Energy works regardless!

  • Business Breakout session (1.5-2 hours): In this session, we start formulating and structuring the business you are creating. We work on branding, strategy, logistics, offerings, business forms, pricing, etc. There are so many different ways to approach creating a business, and it is often very different for lightworkers (we are heart-centered!), so we determine which methods will be the most successful for you.

  • Follow-up Energy Session (1-1.5 hours): Throughout the process, things will bubble to the surface that are no longer resonating with the direction you are headed (fears, limiting beliefs, etc) and so this follow-up energy session (usually a few weeks into the process) will clear on deeper levels and activate new energetic frequencies, to take you to the next level for your journey/business. Again, this is to keep momentum flowing with the process, and to get you even more aligned with your higher-self/soul purpose. This session might be done remotely (phone call or Zoom video conference), or meeting briefly (if local).

  • Follow-up Business Breakout session (1-1.5 hours): This is when we revisit everything you've been creating for your business so far, and then we evaluate, stream-line, reassess, and get down to the details. I use my intuitive business sense to see where there are holes, where things aren't aligning, and what can be improved. This is where you take your business to the next level.

  • I will be utilizing my unique business manifesting structure, personalized for your business, for the duration of the mentorship. This is behind-the-scenes energetics/manifesting/activating that I will be consistently working with and updating as needed (based on sessions/emails/check-ins). This helps boost the energy of what you are building and creating in your business.

  • I will continue to clear/boost the energy in-between sessions as needed, for you and your business during the mentorship. Energy works in layers, so as we clear smaller things throughout the weeks, bigger things will come to the surface. Often, these will show up as deep/core beliefs that aren't aligned with your true essence. But don't worry, I'll help you release anything that is no longer serving you!

  • Email/message support for the duration of the mentorship, as it is common to be keeping in touch consistently, with new discoveries, "homework", business questions, soul purpose alignment, etc.

  • BONUS: Wellness Crystal water bottle ($78 value)

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When are you wanting to start the mentorship?

* Payment plan is available (automatic credit card charge for 3 months x $315), final payment must be received before all sessions conclude. All sessions/packages are non-refundable due to the nature of the work, and the commitment of the client to participate fully in creating change in their life and business. I will personally contact you with the next steps, after payment.

If you have any questions, or want to connect with me to determine if this is a good fit, please fill out the contact form