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Crystal Healer Certification

How to become a Certified Crystal Healer? Join us! You’ll learn everything you need to know about crystal energy and how to do crystal healing sessions. Exclusive in-person Certified Crystal Healer Course created by Jessica Roth.

Crystal Healer certification

Become a Certified Crystal Healer.jpg

Are you interested in becoming a certified crystal healer?

I now offer a Crystal Healing Certification program so that you can become a Certified Crystal Healer! Everything is in-person, over the duration of a weekend, packed with fun and interactive learning! All materials and supplies are included, you just bring yourself and a notebook/pen. A basic outline of what you'll learn....

  • How/Why crystals work

  • Chakras and energy systems

  • Crystal grids

  • Gem waters & Elixirs

  • Crystals around the home

  • Crystals for specialty topics

  • How to clear and balance the chakras

  • How to do crystal healing sessions on others & yourself

  • How to do distance/remote healing sessions

  • The connections between mind/thoughts/emotions and physical/body ailments

  • Utilizing your intuitive abilities so that you are confident in taking crystal healing sessions beyond the basics

  • BONUS: Continued support via online group

  • BONUS: You'll receive two crystal healing sessions from another student during the 2-day training

Included for you to take home: A Chakra Crystal Set plus black tourmaline & quartz point, Informative Chakra Art Print, Crystal Pendulum, and Instructional Booklets. Please bring a pen/notebook and snacks if desired.

This program is currently being offered in San Diego CA (August 10-11, 2019), but if you'd like to suggest I offer the Crystal Healing Certification program in your area, submit an inquiry below. The best way to be notified about upcoming dates is to sign up below.

I took my crystal healing certification with Jessica last week and had a great experience! She is extremely knowledgeable in crystals, intuition building, and the human energy field. She taught us an amazing chakra balancing technique that has been really powerful for myself and for my clients. Great program and an awesome teacher, highly recommend!
— Kinsey O'Leary
As a reiki practitioner, I am always looking to expand my knowledge about other healing modalities. I have always been drawn to crystals, but lacked the confidence in knowing how to incorporate them into my healing practice. I am so happy I found Jess! This certification course not only teaches about the energy benefits of crystals, but also incorporates the practical application of them. We were able to go through excercises and practice on each other, which allowed me to use my knowledge and expand my healing practice immediately. The best part of this class was meeting like-minded souls and lifetime friends. Jess provides a space in which our class can interact and ask questions if needed. I highly recommend this certification course to anyone looking to enhance their current healing practice or simply wanting to connect to high vibe souls!
— Michelle Hill