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Designing Your Life VIP


are you ready to clear your energy, heal old traumas, and become empowered to design the life you want to live?

design your life energy healer coach

"I always feel like me again...

"Jess has been a huge part of my holistic care for 6 months now. She has worked with me 1-on-1 every week or two, for the past 6 months. I always look forward to a session with her because I leave feeling grounded, whole, and inspired. I always feel like me again after a session. She has helped me through a current career transition from leaving a job working for someone else to completely working for myself. I feel more confident in my work, and I also feel like I can trust the universe more to take care of me.

There is also this stronger feeling of being able to trust myself and having a stronger personal power after I have a session with her. Jess has a lovely presence; she is sweet and humble. I feel very grounded when I am with her. During a healing session, Jess is very intuitive when it comes to finding what needs to be healed and balanced. You may go to a session expecting to heal one issue, yet find more that you did not know needed attention, but is very helpful for the healing process! I will definitely continue to receive healing work from Jess! She is one of a kind!"

~ Maricel of MB Massage

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO MAKE BIG SHIFTS IN YOUR LIFE... I work closely with those who are READY to start shifting their life, by releasing old patterns, healing old traumas, and shifting old beliefs. You are at a point in your life where you feel stuck, stressed, stagnant, and like things aren't moving in the direction you want... It feels like there is a next step, but you aren't sure of what it is. Perhaps it's how you feel about yourself, your career, specific relationships, etc... Or perhaps you feel uninspired and not aligned in parts of your life - And you're ready for a change!

Whatever your goals are for creating and designing a new life, we will work on clearing your energy, healing your past experiences, balancing your energy and increasing your self-confidence. 

You'll be able to connect with your inner voice and have the clarity you need to start shifting your life to create it the way you want. You'll feel better, more empowered, inspired and grounded. The goal is for you to learn how to gain awareness in your daily life, for making aligned decisions and utilize new tools for balancing and maintaining your own energy. And if you are an Empath (someone who is very sensitive to energy, people, experiences and environments), you'll learn more about managing your own energy, being less triggered, and feel more balanced in your daily life. It will be life-changing!

If you are ready to change your life, I can help guide you towards healing -- but you need to be ready to start shifting, letting go, and healing... It's technically a collaboration, over the course of two months, while i guide you along the journey.

Immediate benefits after each session: * Stronger personal power * Grounded * Balanced * Relaxed * Rejuvenated * Re-alignment of Chakras and Energy * Connected to Higher Self and Intuition * Mind-Body Awareness * Connected to your authentic self * Clarity * Access to creativity and passion * Inspired * 


Long term benefits: * Feeling balanced emotionally, physically and mentally * Deeper relationship with higher self * Tools to balance and ground energy * Deeper mind-body awareness * Confidence * Self-acceptance and self-love * Improved interpersonal relationships * Tools to protect from external energies * Identifying triggers and dissolution * Connection to your life's purpose * Finding alignment and joy in life * Connection with inner truth * Inspired and passionate * Making aligned and empowered decisions *


what's included ($997):

* Six 90-min sessions, where we get in-depth about your past & present, your intentions, clear & balance your energy, and receive guidance (a session every 1-2 weeks; over the course of approximately two months). Either in-person or virtual conferencing

* A set of Chakra Crystals (or similar crystals, as determined by individual needs)

* The Wellness crystal water bottle (rose quartz, amethyst & clear quartz)

* Aura Quartz Crystal Affirmation Oracle Deck (for daily guidance) 

* Journal for homework and tracking progress

* Weekly personalized "homework" recommendations... possibilities include: journaling/exercises, grounding, movement, meditation, reading

* Correspondence emails and follow-ups  (approx 2 months)

* Spaces are limited (I'm committed to only working with a few people at a time, so that you are getting personalized attention)

oracle deck

results are dependent on how willing you are to shift your life...

are you ready?