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About Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing? Read about the benefits of Crystal Healing by Certified Crystal Healer and Energy Healer, Jessica Roth. 

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What is Crystal healing?

Crystal Healing is an extremely effective and gentle way to assist your body-mind-soul with healing your emotional / physical being. crystals clear out stagnant energy, raise your vibration and promote balancing of your chakras and electromagnetic field.

Potential benefits of Crystal Healing:

  • Extremely relaxing and rejuvenating, and creates a deep feeling of peacefulness

  • Re-alignment of energy frequencies, and re-balances your energy and chakras

  • Removes emotional and energetic blocks, allowing for a reset, as you open up to healing on deeper levels

  • Experience a boost in life force energy and motivation

  • Promotes good health through energetic crystal entrainment

  • Clears the body's electromagnetic field to allow for expedited healing and spiritual growth

  • Deeper connection with your higher self, spirituality and your soul's purpose

  • Helps clear out stress/anxiety, emotional triggers, old patterns/beliefs, etc.

  • Please be mindful and keep in mind that crystal healing is not a substitute for medical treatments/advice, and it is recommended you consult a health professional for any medical concerns.

Crystal Blog

Jess Kay Crystals Blog

Visit the Blog to learn more about crystals. This is a great resource for empowering yourself with crystal knowledge, so that you can experience crystals and incorporate them into your daily life!

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Crystal Readings

This is a great way to get a quick introduction to crystal healing. People love to ask what crystals they should use, so this is your opportunity to get personalized recommendations for crystals!

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Crystal Healer Certification

Are you interested in taking your love of crystals to the next level? Empower yourself with becoming a Certified Crystal Healer! I now offer an in-person Certification course, teaching you all that you need to know.