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Feedback and testimonials of loyal Jess Kay Design customers and clients. See what the customers have to say!

energy healer san diego

"Jessica did a healing session for me after a horrific car accident I was in. I was in need of some help with mental and physical healing, and I was looking for something more holistic. The in-person session was so much more than what I had expected, and things came up for healing that I didn't even know needed to be addressed! A few weeks later, I had a distance session and was pleasantly surprised - I wasn't sure what to expect in a distance healing session, but it was also great! I can't wait for my next session, and I have also booked sessions for my mother and husband as well." - Toni H.

"I recently had a distance healing session with Jessica, and it was amazing. She put me instantly at ease and guided me through the process beautifully. The session left me feeling grounded, peaceful and relaxed - and that feeling last for days. Thank you so much, Jessica - I am very grateful!" - Christine of

"My distance healing session was so rejuvenating. I was feeling depleted before the session, afterwards, I had more space and awareness to honor what my body needed, which was more rest! It was a gentle reboot for my body and soul. Jessica's insights to my chakras that needed some extra attention have helped me move forward in optimizing my health. The crystals Jessica recommended were right on point too! I use them daily." - Luana R.

“Jessica is amazing, and has helped me so much! She did a distance healing session with me, and it did so much to help clear away any blocks I had to creating abundance and allowing my business to flow. Since her session I have had more clients come in, as well as more motivation too! She is kind and nurturing with her healing, and was able to help me see things in a different way to move past my blocks and stand stronger in myself and within my business. She is super connected with Source (and I’d like to say magical ;) to help really get the results I needed. She is also an amazing person who has the biggest heart and there to help anyone as they need! I highly recommend working with her, for all aspects of life! She’s a true blessing! Much Love!!” - Sara C.

"I purchased a pyrite bracelet from Jessica because of the beauty of the item, but when I opened the package, I was stunned by the energetic impact of it! I put it on, and felt incredibly grounded and solid. I'm always wearing it, and have only taken it off for a brief time when Jess had to repair it after it got caught on something while traveling. The workmanship is amazing... such beautiful, hand-worked details; every part of it feels as if Jess poured her love and support into it. I love her work and my bracelet!" - Lisa W.

“Listen to Jess! She knows what she is talking about - She is a healer! After speaking with her over the phone and receiving some healing guidance, my life has continued to prove I’m exactly where I need to be. I slept with some of the crystals we discussed, and broke my fever I’ve had for a week and can’t explain what she helped guide me to. It’s all about what she is doing and her intentional living. She did all this with a heartfelt discussion, simple loving message and some energy work - all from a distance! She is a talented spiritual lady that have a love for giving. Thank you Jess for being you, keep reaching out and helping others, keep teaching and sharing.” - Amanda H.