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Real Estate Business Energy Healing

Real Estate Business Energy Healing. I work with Realtors to clear and align the energetic side of your business. This allows for your real estate business to grow and attract the things you want with ease; more high-end clients, deals that close quickly, increasing stream of income, confidence with negotiating contracts, and attracting the right people into your business. 

Energy work for realtors

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Have you heard of energy healing or energy clearing?

Did you know that your business also has energy around it, just like you, that needs regular maintenance of being cleared and aligned? 

Just like how you can feel stuck, overwhelmed, and out of alignment, the same can happen with your business… With service/sales-based businesses, you typically have multiple people active in each real estate deal, which means things are fast-paced and highly emotional, as both the buyers and sellers expect everything to happen in their favor, leaving you feeling like everything is on your shoulders. Therefore, your business is quite susceptible to having clogged energy.

When the energetic side of your business is cleared and aligned, it has the capacity to grow and attract the things you want in your business; more high-end clients, deals that close quickly, a stream of income that increases without extra effort, ease and flow with negotiating contracts, and attracting the right people into your business.

Do you struggle with bringing in more clients, closing more deals and making more money easily? 

Your personal energy, beliefs and thought patterns also affect your business. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, it's going to create frantic energy within your business. If you have deep-rooted beliefs that you aren't worthy or capable of taking your business to the next level, it's going to be a struggle to get there. Or if you have a tough time holding boundaries with problematic clients, it's going to stall deals from closing.

“It’s only been 2 months since I started working with Jessica and my business has never been better. It's increased at least 4x what would be typical for me in a month. I had 5 real estate deals go into contract within the first month, three more since then. The most significant of which was purchasing my first home (which wasn't going to be possible for at least another 6 months). After meeting with Jessica and sharing with her how badly I was wanting to purchase the home and what my barriers were, she cleared some energy and then I received an unexpected monetary gift that allowed me to put a down payment on buying my own house!  We actually bought the home we fell in love with for much under asking price, even though they had full price & cash offers on the table. In addition, I had a problematic deal go into contract within a week or two of Jessica clearing the energy around it, after I had not gotten any traction with that client in 6 months!

What's so amazing about working with Jessica is that all the actual energy work has been done remotely so that it’s convenient for me and I can still be meeting with new clients & showing properties. We just meet for coffee every few weeks and connect via messaging in-between for updates. Jessica has been such a blessing and is a calming presence in the midst of the chaos and stress that comes with my business. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their business, relationships, and as a result, their overall quality of being. She is just wonderful and I feel so blessed to have found her!" ~ Ashley

So how can you keep the energy of your business clear, grounded, running smoothly, and flowing with a stream of clients?

Well, you could spend a lot of time learning all about the specifics of energy work, how things get out of alignment, how to clear energy and blocks, how to easily manifest new clients, etc… but do you have the time to do that, while running a real estate business, tending to your clients, and having a life outside the office?

OR, you can stay focused on your specialty (real estate), and hire me to do my specialty – Energy Clearing, Alignment and Manifesting for your business.

I can make things super easy for you, so that you can have more time to focus on your priorities (clients, community, family, etc). I will work on both your energy and the energy of your business, clearing out any energetic blocks and limiting beliefs, old patterns keeping you stuck, and anything else that is preventing your business from up-leveling.

Details: Monthly membership (percentage of commissions) that includes energy work for your business (and a little bit of personal energy work for you) throughout the duration of the month. I work remotely, so that it's convenient for you, and you can spend your time focusing on what's important to you. We connect throughout the month as needed (usually weekly updates). Bonus: One Home clearing per month

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